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The Waypoint is for all types of boat users, motor or sail, to search, book and pay online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. And we are focussed on making this easy. Book online much like you would book a hotel room online.

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Do you ever worry about finding a berth after a long days sailing? Or find yourself coming into port early to organise a mooring just to be sure. The Waypoint offers peace of mind by allowing easy and secure online booking. Meaning that reservations are solid, removing any uncertainty it also means more time out on the water.

The Waypoint provides you with all necessary details, such as tidal flows and toilet codes in a confirmation email. We even allow you to see live availability and the price of the berth, meaning a more competitive market for Waypoint members.

The Waypoint makes a boat owners life easier Sign up, search for a berth, upload credit, book your berth, receive confirmation and booking details and set sail.


Because The Waypoint is online, you can book last minute or twelve months in advance, or even check last minute availability in real time. All you need to do is sign up and start searching today. Payments are made by uploading credit, which is secured using the same encryption as online banking.

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Uploading your boat profile helps you find suitable berths. As a member you are able to add information about your boat, Such as length, beam, draft and height. You are also able to add photos and basic information.

We love the Internet and believe it should be open to everybody, allowing you to book everything from big bustling ports to sleepy harbours to riverside pubs or even a berth at the bottom of a garden. Sign up and see where The Waypoint takes you.


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Passage Planning

Intelligent cruising with our passage planning tools, next time you are organising your next cruise how about using our state of the art passage planner, the planner allows you to quickly plot a route and even calculates the latitude/longitude, distances and bearings for you . In fact the passage planner even allows you to add waypoints, which can easily be manipulated around the chart.

How Passage Planning works

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The Planner also helps you to locate berths, as marinas with moorings available will appear around your plan. Watch this short video on how to passage plan.

Once you have constructed your plan and given it a name and a description then it’s time to share it with your friends and crewmembers, you can also make the plan accessible publically so that everyone can see your route.

Our tool makes passages easier to plan
Organise, save and share your passages
Detailed log including lat/long waypoints

What people have been saying about us

“The Waypoint is superb; a very slick, functional and good looking site, and a no-brainer for yacht owners and marina and YC managers.”
Thomas Montgomery, Royal Thames Yacht Club

“The first online application to really revolutionise boat use and cruising plans, a fantastic tool for today’s boat owners”
Mike Cole – RYA Instructor, Thames Sailing Club


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Home Berth Management

If your boat is moored in a marina, which is a Waypoint partner, then you are able to easily inform them of your availability and potentially earn a reward from any income earned if a visitor uses your berth when you're away.

Rewards Explained

The Waypoint promotes a fair deal for boaters

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Notification of your plans couldn’t be easier

  • Automatically open your berth to visitors if you book another Waypoint berth elsewhere
  • Set your berth as vacant from your home computer
  • Set your berth as open from a Smartphone as you leave port
  • Pop into the marina office and let them know your intention, so they can update your status for you

You don’t have to do anything else, if your berth is occupied while you’re away, The Waypoint automatically configures a percentage which goes into your cruising credit, use it for payments at other harbours or withdraw it to your bank, its completely up to you.

Ask your marina today about cruising rewards


Add a berth to easily nofity your home marina of its availability

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Premium Account

Whether your berth is at the bottom of your garden, outside your apartment or even on a long-term lease within a marina. The Waypoint Premium account allows you to manage your berth and advertise it online when it is vacant. Visiting yachts can then use and pay for your mooring, all you have to do is:

Upload and advertise your private berth

We show you how to advertise your private berth

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  • Sign up as a Premium member
  • Create your berth profile and upload the dimensions and location
  • Upload photos, descriptions and facilities such as water and electricity
  • Advertise your berth when vacant on The Waypoint
  • Earn revenue when a visitor stays
  • Transfer any income earned into cruising credits or into your bank account

It's so simple!

You don’t have to do anything else, if your berth it occupied while your away, The Waypoint automatically configures a percentage which goes into your cruising credit, use it for payments at other harbours or withdraw it to your bank, its completely up to you.

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Easily create your Privately owned Berth profile

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