The Waypoint

Boat Owners

The Waypoint breaks down the barriers between boat owners and marinas by creating a network that allows you to:

  • Search, book and pay for mooring online anytime from anywhere
  • Make simple fast secure online bookings
  • Use passage planning tools to organise cruises, holidays, rallies

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Mooring Managers

The Waypoint allows marinas, boatyards and sailing clubs and anyone who administers moorings to:

  • Accept boat owners online paid bookings for berths.
  • Benefit from The Waypoint’s comprehensive partner marketing
  • Enjoy simple to use marina management software.

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Private Berth Owners

Do you own a berth at the bottom of your garden? Do you have a long-term lease on a berth? With The Waypoint, you have the ability to make money from your berth when you’re not using it. The Waypoint allows you to:

  • Create a profile for your berth including pictures and descriptions
  • Easily manage bookings and vacancies
  • Enjoy hassle free earnings you can withdraw any time

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Watch The Waypoint Video

Watch this three minute video and discover how the using The Waypoint helps mooring managers increase their revenues: how useful The Waypoint for boat owners and boat users: how to search; book and pay for berths, and how to passage plan.

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Download The Waypoint Guides

Our useful guides explain how The Waypoint works. Click to Download the PDF

  • Marina Owners and Operators

    The Waypoint for Marina Owners and Operators

  • Boatyards

    The Waypoint for Boatyards

  • Harbourmasters

    The Waypoint for Harbourmasters

  • Private Berth Holders

    The Waypoint for Private Berth Holders

  • Pubs and Other Small Berthing Administrators

    The Waypoint for Pubs and Other Small Berthing Administrators

  • Sailing Clubs

    The Waypoint for Sailing Clubs

The Waypoint has been described as a ‘ for boats’ and revolutionary by others.

However, most sailing folk just say ‘it’s about time!’

The Waypoint is a simple yet secure online booking system that allows marina owners, mooring managers and private-berth owners to list their vacant berths online.

And boat users and owners to search for, book and pay for these moorings online this can be done via the site or by using our Smartphone app when you’re out and about.

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